Turbulence Training Review
by Gerry Parker


Exercising has great benefits like having a great body and good health, but you’ve got to admit that at one point or another it can get boring and tiresome. All those who know the benefit of exercise must have already come to realize that this does not come easy; it takes discipline and a whole lot of effort to get that body that you’re after. One of the most common misconceptions with exercise is that you have to keep doing it every day and that you have to do at least twenty minutes of cardio exercise before you can start burning any fat.

What I Like

The things mentioned above are only some myths that Craig Ballantayne debunks with his book and exercise program Turbulence Training. Craig is a certified strength and conditioning specialist who has authored numerous articles that have been published in different health magazines. Turbulence Training is a result of long hours of research and experiments that has resulted in a program that allows you to maximize weight loss and fat loss while keeping your physique.

Turbulence training is a great way to get rid of fat since it focuses on methods that are both effective and time saving. As opposed to conventional exercises that keep you tied up in the gym for so many hours every day. These methods can in fact be more harmful than helpful to you since you tend to focus on the problem area and perform exercises that are repetitive. Such exercises can result in the wear and tear of muscles and eventually damage the muscles themselves. Imagine all that time wasted and not even getting the results that you wanted to begin with.

What I don't Like

Craig Ballantayne’s Turbulence Training may not be the best option for you if you’re one of those people who likes to spend time socializing while working out at the same time, since it is so time efficient.

Another thing you have to keep in mind that Craig Ballantayne Turbulence Training program it isn’t all you’ll ever need to get that body. While It may play a big role in keeping you healthy and keeping your metabolism up and about, you still have to eat right. Eating the right foods will definitely give you a greater edge at staying fit. If you’re thinking that you can rely on this totally, think again; you have to remember to maintain a balance even with your nutrition.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes I do. Not only is it program that allows you to exercise without eating up all your time, but you actually get the results that you want. Turbulence Training is definitely something that you need to try out if you want to get fit but don’t want to spend all your time doing so.

Turbulence Training Rating

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